December 6, 2008

Why is Santa a Fraud?

An ASLAN fan asks "Why is Santa a fraud?"

An editorial this week by Bob Beltz briefly surveys the history of St. Nicholas, and ends with this:
In malls and shopping centers across America, this is the caricature imitated by a small army of fat men, wearing fake beards and strange outfits, who in reality are guilty of falsely impersonating a fourth century Turkish Bishop. So, this Christmas, if you have children who ask the question, “Mom/Dad, is there really a Santa Claus?” Maybe you could answer the question by telling them the story of the real St. Nick.
It is not so much economic fraud (gift-giving is a Divine characteristic), but the historical and cultural fraud of the absurd species Santus Americanus. Even though folks who use Santa to promote good things for needy people have righteous intentions, Santa has turned into a charlatan and a deceiver.

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