October 30, 2009

ASLAN is back on the warpath

As the "holiday" where folks in the USA spend second only to Christmas...that would be Halloween....is almost here and gone, Santa Inc. is going to start racheting-up the perverts (that is a perverted advertisement, in the sense of continuing the perversion of Advent). This means that ASLAN is on the move again, protecting kiddies and their parents from the crush of the Santa Machine.

Vote for Me! Santa Loves Me!

This from a San Francisco Examiner (USA) blog. Santa corrupting politics?

Ann Keighran in Burlingame has a prominent photo with Santa Claus. How can you feel negative about someone who pals around with Saint Nick? Not to be outdone, George Muteff (Half Moon Bay) can be found with his arm around Kermit The Frog, although one wonders how many four year olds will make their way to the ballot box in November.