December 14, 2010

Man lives as Santa Claus | Southern Indiana man lives as Santa Claus (I have been to Santa Claus, Indiana)
Santa Claus is real.

In a cabin nestled way in the back of the Santa Claus Christmas Store in Santa Claus, Ind., jolly old Saint Nicholas greets passersby and welcomes children young and old to take a photo on Santa’s knee.

A family enters the room: mom, dad and twin three-year-old sisters in matching red dresses made the drive from Bloomington to meet the Big Man himself in his own town.

The girls hid behind their parents’ legs, but after a few genuine “ho, ho, ho”’s and a candy cane apiece, they were on Santa’s knees talking about what they wanted for Christmas.

The charming personality and Santa Claus mannerisms don’t turn off when Don Dauscha is away from the adoring — if a bit reluctant — children. The long white beard, gold-framed spectacles, red and white garb and distinctive laugh define Dauscha.

Don is Kris Kringle, St. Nicholas, Father Christmas, Santa Claus. Whatever you want to call him, he is the man.

December 10, 2010

A Krampus Christmas

(From Article) Krampus, a mythical creature who accompanies jolly old Santa and acts as his henchman. Instead of giving gifts to good children, Krampus' bestows punishment, beatings, and the like to children who misbehave.
According to custom, he hitches a ride on Santa's sleigh to bring along some seriously bad tidings. While Santa is handing out toys and candies to all the good little tots, Krampus' delivers the bad news to children who are naughty.
The word "Krampus" originates from the German word for claw (Krampen). In the Alpine regions, Krampus is represented by a goat-like demon creature with horns' and wooly fur, covered with soot from hells brimstone.

Christmas shopping in St. Nick’s old Turkish neighbourhood

Christmas shopping in St. Nick’s old Turkish neighbourhood

December 6, 2010

UK Bishop: Santa Hijacked Christmas!

Santa Claus has been "hijacked" in Britain into becoming a Father Christmas of a "thousand adverts", a senior Church of England bishop has warned.
The Rt Rev Dr Alan Smith, Bishop of St Albans, said the message of "selfless" St Nicholas - the saint who inspired Santa Claus - had been lost in favour of "pester power" and materialism.
The saint, a fourth century bishop of Myra in present day Turkey, was renowned for his generosity and his love of children, Dr Smith said in his Christmas message.
According to one story, St Nicholas saved three girls whose family had been unable to pay marriage dowries from being sold into prostitution by throwing three bags of gold coins into their open window one night, he said.
Dr Smith urged parents to put inexpensive oranges and gold chocolate coins into children's Christmas stockings as a way of remembering the saint.

Dec. 6th Pawnbrokers Give Music

On December 6th, the National Pawnbrokers Association is sponsoring our Second Annual Musical Instrument Gift Day. This special national event is in celebration of National Pawnbrokers Day, which coincides with St. Nicholas Day.  In the spirit of St. Nick’s compassion, generosity, and hope, pawn stores nationwide will work with Boys and Girls Clubs of America to donate musical instruments to children who need them most.