December 9, 2008


Here is a woman of faith with a good perspective on Santa. Obviously, anyone who has read this blog knows I would not place Santa a distant third in the hierarchy of Xmas players, but ASLaN has a big tent. If the media would only search, I believe they would find MANY more disbelievers in the Santa charade: Sue Metzger writes:

I did imagine occasionally that there might be a Santa. My mind would wander to spectacular gifts I wanted that realistically were never going to show up. Anyone can dream. However, even if Santa were real, he had responsibilities that extended far beyond me .

Other children needed him more - poor kids whose hopes seemed to hang on a miracle, seriously ill and dying children who needed something extra to believe in, youngsters who lived in households with physical and emotional abuse. Santa could keep very busy filling just those stockings.

If there really was a Santa and I was offending him with my disbelief, he surely would forgive. After all, I was just an average kid lucky to have a dad and mom to provide a pleasurable if modestly reasonable Christmas. What's wrong with that?

With my children, I followed my mother's lead, neither promoting Santa nor humbugging him. Having written about this in times past, I have been strongly criticized for being a Scrooge in the Santa department. I don't mind. I wish more young children could know who actually provides the joys of Christmas morning. St. Nick is not even the "second banana."

Behind Jesus Christ and loving parents, Santa runs a distant third.

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