November 6, 2007

Santa Claus: A Biography

Here is the cover of the ASLaN-approved book by the Santa/Xmas scholar, Gerry Bowler.

More, from a chapter insert, on how Coke changed and solidifed the Santa mirage for millions of Americans:

"Sundblom's genius in his decades of work for Coca-Cola was not that he added anything to our knowledge of Santa Claus but that he made a familiar image even more likeable and widespread. Sundblom's vision of the gift-bringer emphasized lavishness and self-indulgence. In the middle of the Depression, he scorned the meagre street-corner and department-store Santas to produce one who was the roliest-poliest yet, clad in an abundance of furs, with a jaunty angle to his white moustache, and a penchant for raiding other people's refrigerators."

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