November 3, 2007

New Documentary "Santa Inc"

.A new documentary film "Santa Inc.: Where Giving Meet Greed",
is set to be released soon, though the date is not yet announced.

You can view a trailer of the movie here. The clip is an excellent synopsis of the main themes.

It looks like a GREAT film that is sure to raise a much-needed rational discussion about the excesses of the Santa Cult. It is very well-balanced, and gives the views of pro-Santa folks fairly.

Here is the publicity info from Tell Tale Productions:

Santa, Inc. will explore the myth, the man and the multi-million dollar industry that is Santa Claus. Who is he? What does he mean to children, to adults, to consumers? In an age when Christmas is for sale earlier and earlier every year, what does it mean that Santa Claus is touted as the secular God of love and giving while simultaneously serving as the poster boy for the biggest sales event of the year?

Award winning writer and former mall Santa manager Megan Wennberg will take viewers behind the beards of a variety of Santas to expose the multiple personalities of this cultural and commercial icon. She’ll introduce viewers to aspiring Santas Dave and Floyd. Both men have one year's experience playing the Big Guy under their belts, and they’re hoping to get a jump on the competition by attending Santa School in Calgary with Canada’s Top Santa, Victor Nevada.

We’ll also meet Frank, James and Susan. These rebel Santas call themselves ‘Santarchists,’ and are determined to free Santa from the shackles of goodness, and bring him over to the naughty side once and for all by attending the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert.

Santa, Inc. will also gain the perspective of marketing guru William Arruda on why Santa is the perfect brand, confront the CEO of the largest employer of shopping mall Santa’s in the world regarding their racist hiring practices, visit the village in Finnish Lapland that claims to be Santa’s real home, and finally, go to the place where Christmas is really made: factories in China.

At a time of year when strangers alternately wish each other well and trample each other to get the latest discount gadget, Santa’s throne straddles the divide between magical Christmas Spirit and the crazed greed of consumerism. Santa, Inc. will tread that line in seeking to answer this simple question: Has Santa sold out, or can he be redeemed?

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