November 30, 2007


He’s calling on children to bless the poor
And calling on children to follow the Lord!
He’s calling on parents to open their Doors
And let St. Nicholas enter once more!

He’s calling for justice and calling for prayer
And calling for people to wake up and care
For the orphans with AIDS who live in despair
And Darfurians murdered by laissez faire.

He’s warning all people entrapped by the snare
Of a misfit who lies, and who leads them to err
In the service of Mammon, the great Grizzly Bear
Who drags off his victims to Beelzebub’s lair.

He’s calling on those who flock to the store
To break their addictions and lustings for more;
He’s calling for peace, and he’s calling for war—
For he’s calling out Santa for being a whore!

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