December 23, 2006

Yo Go Governor!

In a highly-entertaining and informative article for Christmas-watchers and worshippers like those of us ASLaNdians, reporters from have investigated the official "Season's Greetings" from State capitols.
"Gov. Bob Riley's (R) greeting card features a Gilbert Stuart portrait of the Alabama Territory's first governor on the front. But the "Governor" mentioned in the card's message refers to the prophecy of Christ's birth:

"Out of [Judah] shall come a Governor that shall rule my people Israel," the card quotes from the New Testament book of Matthew.
The articles has lots of pictures from the various Christmas, or "Holiday" cards, which the 50 US governor's sent to supporters this Advent. A related story by the same writers reports that:

Forget Red state vs. Blue state. For governors, the split that’s in vogue this season is between those offering “Christmas” wishes and those sending “holiday” tidings in their annual greeting cards.

A survey found that 37 of the 50 state leaders – 18 Democrats and 19 Republicans -- are sending wishes for a happy -- nameless -- holiday. Nine governors – two Democrats and seven Republicans -- are explicit in wishing the joy of "Christmas."

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