December 23, 2006

Believing in Santa Not that Bad?

So says a short editorial in the Arkansas-based Clanton Advertiser

A recent poll released by The Associated Press said that 86 percent of all people believed in Santa Claus as a child despite all the odds. That's not necessarily a bad thing.

The historical Saint Nicholas was venerated in early Christian legend for saving storm-tossed sailors, defending young children and giving generous gifts to the poor.

In recent years, church leaders have shied away from Jolly Old St. Nick because of how commercial the holiday has become. It also has some negative connotations because it may take some emphasis off the birth of Jesus.

However, having Santa Claus around as a symbol for the holiday season shouldn't be a bad thing. We should remember that he is a symbol of giving generously to the poor, not commercialism. If we remember that and teach our children about that, then we shouldn't worry about children believing in Santa Claus."

If it were only this simple......

Without launching into lengthy sermons, cognizant that many potential ASLaN members are atheists, Jews who don't accept Christ's messiahship but do honor Moses and the Prophets, and secularists of various stripes who are sick to near death of all the Santa hype, let your humble founder merely say that what one believes in his heart is eternally important!

It isn't so much that believing in Santa as a kid is going to hurt you (the sociology and psychology lit do not give a definitive answer to this valid concern) -- but not believing in Jesus Christ can damn you! (Please don't send spam, or ham, or Shem, etc...these are His teachings, not mine.)

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