December 21, 2006

Santa is an Alien- Beware!

Reuters is reporting:

By Jon Hurdle PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - Santa isn't welcome in Hazleton because he's an illegal immigrant just like all the others the Pennsylvania town is trying to get rid of -- or so someone would have you believe.

A new Web site,, says the town intends to keep Santa out this Christmas because he represents the illegal immigration the town council believes increases crime and burdens local services.

But the site is a hoax, created by someone in a bid to satirize a local law passed in July that has attracted national attention by imposing penalties on businesses and landlords to deter them from hiring or renting rooms to illegal immigrants..."

ASLaN says -- WAY TO GO HAZLETON! Watch the great ad. Punch line:

"This Christmas, Tell Santa He's No Longer Welcome."

(While the reason for this anti-Santa outbreak of sanity is not shared by the founders, board, sponsors, and supporters of ASLaN, the glorious outcome is the same!)

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