December 3, 2007

Santa Horror Show (i.e. Czech ads)

You want to know why more and more people are tired of Santa, as a symbol of the season of God's love and midwinter feasts?

This picture is just one of many from the website, coming to you from the Czech Republic. There you will see a growing list of pictures of how marketing execs are using (and abusing) the image of Santa to sell people things.

I hate to sound like a whining extreme leftist (I am not), but this pushing of Santa Claus is a type of cultural imperialism and a shocking betrayal of a nation's own values and traditions. We in American cannot quite understand the horror of Santa replacing either St. Nicholas, or in the case of Czechs, Baby Jesus, with the plastic, fat, Santa being plastered all over so many products, like a coat of ugly red paint.

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