December 2, 2007

2008 Christmas Essay published in Maine paper

Thanks to the editors of the Sun Journal, in Lewiston, Maine, for publishing ASLaN's 2008 Christmas Essay.

It is a specially-edited version of the original essay, which Sint Knicker wrote to further the public debate, and we appreciate a newspaper that fosters such debate.

If you are wondering what the "blue thing" is that is lodged in Belschnickle's lovely white belt, it happens to be a Shofar.

Time to blow the Trumpet in Zion, and sound the alarm: Santa's days are numbered, his writing is on the wall, his kingdom is not an everlasting one, and his lies will be exposed before all men!

The problem is: they are such nice lies! They are so warm, and sentimental, and smoothed over with a goodness that seems natural and pure. Like any good lie worth its pepper, the doctrines of the modern American Santa reflect the humanism of the cultural and artistic elites who continue to promote the feel-good Santa.

*The photograph appeared in the Sun Journal, with no name. Thanks to the person who shot it; the copyright belongs to you (actually, the Sun Journal)

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