January 7, 2007

Mary Christmas Georgia!

(No, not Jimmy Carter's Georgia, though he did write a lovely book about Christmas in Plains, Georgia.)

Associated Press
Sunday, January 7, 2007 (Tibilisi):

A colourful procession blocked central streets of Tbilisi on Sunday as Georgia's Christian Orthodox community celebrated Christmas.

Children and adults dressed in national costume marched through the streets holding church flags and singing the Christmas carol "Alilo," collecting gifts for charity on their way.

Onlookers bought sweets and other gifts to give to those who participated in the procession.
The gifts are traditionally distributed to orphanages.

The word "Alilo" in Georgian means "glory to God" and its tradition dates back to the fifth century.

Georgia is among other Christian Orthodox countries celebrating Christmas on January 7, and was one of the earliest countries to adopt Christianity in the 4th century.

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